The Corfu Trail
The Corfu Trail

The Corfu Trail
Since the Corfu Trail was established in 2001, thousands of walkers have followed it the length of the island. 220 kilometres long, Corfu's long-distance walking route leads into a landscape untouched by the mass tourism that has scarred parts of the coastline, delving through the central countryside which visitors rarely discover and explore. Such is the variety of Corfu's scenery that walkers spend no more than an hour in any one landscape; indeed, around every corner a new scene stuns the eye. From the vast beaches and juniper dunes in the island's south, through the rolling olive groves of the central section, to the karst plateau and rugged gorges in the north, the Corfu Trail reveals an island paradise ideal for walkers.

Walking the Corfu Trail
The Corfu Trail is waymarked in strategic locations with yellow signs, bearing the letters CT and a directional arrow. Between signs, yellow paint markers confirm the route. Since the most dramatic scenery and the biggest concentration of highlights are in the north of the island, the Corfu Trail takes walkers in a south to north direction.

PLEASE NOTE: Way markings for the annual mountain marathon race are similar in colour to Corfu Trail signs and are causing confusion. These signs follow the Trail in a very few places, such as in the ascent of Pantokrator, but otherwise take a completely different route. They are mainly north to south, whereas the Corfu Trail takes a generally south to north direction. The marathon signs are bright (fluorescent) yellow/lime green, plastic and small (3 cms x  3 cms approx.). The Corfu Trail signs are larger metal plates in yellow (below), or yellow paint markers and blazes. Make sure you follow the correct ones!

The Route of the Corfu Trail
The official guide book, The Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail, written by the Trail's creator, is available as a pdf file.

Properties For Sale on the Corfu Trail: Walking Houses for Walkers
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